Friday, 30 January 2015

HGH Cocktail Drink to Grow Taller

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Doing General Exercises, Taking Un necessary expensive supplements may not improve your growth.

In this process Today I am going share a very very important drink to enhance your growth after exercise session.
Here is that "HGH Cocktail Drink". Let`s see what ingredients it require, how to prepare.


2 Tomatoes
150 grams of Green Beans
150 grams of Cabbage


First chop all raw ingredients into pieces and place those ingredients into blender and blend until liquid.

Then add some water to adjust consistency. That`s it, now it`s ready to drink.

My own experience: I felt some discomfort to drink this especially in my morning exercises session.

My friends are also unable to drink it.
Then I find a good way out, I just add few chocolate pieces and mixed.

It improves the cocktail taste allot. Now we all are very happy and enjoy to drink after each exercise session.

Now you know how to prepare a healthy homemade drink to increase your height.

So, is there anything else...?

Yes! Here is the main story.

I already told you starting of this video "Doing General Exercises, Taking Un necessary expensive supplements may not improve your growth."

Already you Prepared a Good Healthy Drink.

Now it`s the time to think about Proper, Perfect Exercises Plan.

Without proper exercise plan you never increase your growth.

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